A Taste of France (October 2016)

A Taste of France:
Alsace, Burgundy & Jura

A Tour of “Les Plus Beaux

Villages de France”

October 11th-October 19th, 2016

Join your hosts, Ryan and Ryan, for a tour of Les Plus Beaux Villages de France (the most beautiful villages of France). Our tour will begin in Alsace, one of France’s most highly acclaimed regions for its exquisite cuisine, refined wines and unequaled beauty.
The second half of our tour will take place in one of France’s best kept secrets, the Jura region. We will then spend our last day touring the legendary Burgundian city of Beaune, including a world-class tasting from some of Burgundy’s finest winemakers, all of whom Ryan Wildstar has worked with for many years.       
For all details and and a detailed itinerary, download the full brochure here:

Wildstar Wine Tours – Taste of France Fall 2016 (download brochure)

Please contact us directly if you’re interested in visiting France!



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